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Host a house party and share the gifts and goodies with your friends and family. Anyone can join and the excitement is endless!

Start a Party

Create a Channel

Design and develop your own channel. With Virtual Party Plan you have the ability to customize your appearance as well as select activities and games during your parties.

Create a Party

After creating a channel, you can immediately schedule your parties. Inform people on upcoming events and parties. Your channel is your own personal party playground.

Invite to Party

Now that your party is all set up and scheduled, it’s time to send out the invitations! Using your channel you can send out invites for everyone to attend your event directly online.

Your Party...
Your Rules!

Virtual Party Plan is the premier online party center for all Direct sales companies. Are you apart of multiple companies? You can set up a channel for each company! Virtual Party Plan was created with you in mind.

Some of our Exclusive features include:
"Book a Party" button and
"Join my tream" button, these will increase the amount of parties and team members for your business.
"Who's here" section; this allows you and your guest to see who is all in attendance at your party.

Virtual Party Plan services are a tax-deduction for businesses as an "business expense".